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Abandon Cart Messages

Review the default settings for abandon cart messages and learn how to adjust those settings as desired.

Your TripWorks account comes with 3 abandon cart message templates that will, by default, automatically send to e-commerce shoppers who begin an online purchase but fail to complete it. Each message is scheduled to send at a preset time interval, and is designed to save sales by incentivizing online shoppers to return to the cart and complete their purchases.

While having an abandon cart message series can be an extremely lucrative business decision, we understand that you may want to make adjustments to the content and/or Automated Messaging‍ settings that come standard with your account. This article illustrates:

  1. The default settings associated with your abandon cart messages
  2. How to change or disable abandon cart message settings

Default Settings for Abandoned Cart Messages

Your TripWorks account can send a series of up to 3 abandon cart messages, automatically, to e-commerce shoppers who do not complete their purchase.

This is how the abandon cart flow operates by default — that is, unless you manually adjust the settings associated with this flow. Expand the items below for more details:

1. Shopper begins booking a trip online

The shopper begins booking a trip through one of the TripWorks Booking Widgets‍. They complete at least the first screen of the booking flow (in which they provide their name, email address, and phone number).


2. Platform saves the trip as a draft

Once the shopper completes the first screen of the booking flow, the platform automatically creates a draft trip — that is, a trip with a Draft trip status. The draft trip includes:

  • The shopper's contact information (name, email address, and phone number)
  • Experience details (the date, time, and activity in which they've shown interest)

Your team can review draft trips at any time from the Sales View of the dashboard.


3. Shopper abandons cart

Even after the shopper exits the booking widget (or "abandons cart"), the draft trip remains safely stored to the Sales View of the dashboard. 

At this point, any users who have Enabled Alerts‍ for abandon carts will receive those notifications.


4. Shopper receives abandon cart message series

The shopper receives 3 distinct messages via email and SMS over the course of 2 days.

Each message utilizes a different approach to incentivize the shopper to complete their purchase (see table below). Each message also includes a button that, when tapped or clicked, returns the shopper to the exact point in the booking flow where they abandoned cart.

Message Approach Auto-Sends
1 Highlights your positive customer reviews
1 hour after shopper started booking
2 Guarantees "you'll love us"
24 hours after shopper started booking
3 Offers a 10% discount (via promo code) on the experience for which the shopper has shown interest
48 hours after shopper started booking

Customize Abandon Cart Messages & Auto-Send Settings

The default abandon cart message settings illustrated above are adjustable, as is the content itself for each of the 3 message templates. Follow these links to learn more about your options:

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