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Create a New Message Template

Add a new message to your Message Template Library.

When you go to Send a Message Manually‍ or set up Automated Messaging‍ through TripWorks, you must select a message from your Message Template Library. If your Message Template Library does not already contain the message you want to send, you will need to create a new message template.

This article shows how to add a template to your Message Template Library, so that you may select that template when you are ready to send messages (manually or automatically) to your customers.

Create a New Message Template

  1. From the toolbar, select More > Discover More, then choose Email & SMS Templates.
  2. Choose the New Template button.
  3. In the Create a Template dialogue box:
    1. Give the template a fitting name. (This is for your team's reference only. It is not visible to message recipients.)
    2. Select a category from the Template Category drop-down menu. (The category you choose will impact the Automated Messaging‍ capabilities associated with your new template. For instance, if you want this message sent automatically each time a customer submits a signed electronic waiver, you would choose the Waiver Signed category.)
    3. Choose Create.

Once you select the Create button, you will be directed to the Editor View of the new, blank message template. You can begin editing the template now, or select the Back button and return to the template at a later time. When you are ready to edit, see Edit an Existing Message Template‍.


Pro Tip

You can Delete a Message Templateif it has never been used — that is, if an email or SMS message has never been sent to a customer using that template. Once the message template has been sent at least once, you cannot delete it from your Message Template Library.

For more on this, see Why can't I delete certain items from the dashboard?‍ 

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