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Event Reminder Messages

Review the default settings for event reminder messages and learn how to adjust those settings.

Your Message Template Library comes with 1 event reminder message that, by default, automatically sends to a trip's point of contact at preset intervals of 24 hours and 4 hours before their event begins.

In this article, you will find details on:

  1. The default settings associated with event reminder messages
  2. How to change or disable event reminder message settings

Default Settings for Event Reminder Messages

If you do not make any changes to the default settings associated with your event reminder message template, this is how the process will unfold. Expand the items below for more details on each step:

1. Someone begins booking a trip

Someone — a customer, team member, or reseller — starts booking a trip using one of the TripWorks Booking Methods‍. They complete at least the first screen of the booking flow (in which they provide the name, email address, and phone number of the trip's point of contact).


2. Platform saves the trip as a draft

Once the first screen of the booking flow is completed, the platform automatically creates a draft trip — that is, a trip with a Draft trip status. The draft trip includes:

  • The customer's contact information (name, email address, and phone number)
  • Experience details (the date, time, and activity in which they've shown interest)

Your team can review draft trips at any time from the Sales View of the dashboard.


3. Trip status changes from Draft to Reserved

The trip status changes from Draft to Reserved when either the customer applies payment to the trip, or a team member manually updates the trip status. Regardless of which method is used to change the trip status to Reserved, it is this action that queues the event reminder message to send automatically.


Pro Tip

In addition to using the Reserved status to trigger event reminder messages, you can also Enable Alertsso that team members are notified of the trip status change.


4. Customer receives event reminder messages

The platform queues to send the event reminder message at two preset intervals: 24 hours and 4 hours before the event start time. If the trip is booked after one of these intervals has already passed, the corresponding message will not be sent.

For example, if the customer books a trip 20 hours before the event begins, they will not be sent the message queued to send 24 hours in advance, but they will be sent the message queued to send 4 hours in advance.


Customize Event Reminder Messages & Auto-Send Settings

The default event reminder message settings illustrated above are adjustable, as is the message template's content itself. Follow these links to learn more about your options:

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