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Why can't I delete certain items from the dashboard?

There are certain things you cannot delete from your TripWorks account, and it typically comes down to one of two reasons:

  • The item in question is in use or has been used in the past. Deleting it would compromise your data integrity (reports, sales history, audit logs, etc.).
  • The item is built into the platform by default and must remain, even if unused.

Listed below are some of the most common deletion actions that users are unable to complete. Reference the table to discover the reasons you may be unable to perform these actions, as well as useful alternatives, where applicable:

Action Reason Action Is Unavailable Alternatives
Delete a user Data integrity (user has performed an action) Disable a User's Login‍ or limit their permissions (see Manage Existing Access Groups‍)
Delete an experience Data integrity (experience has been booked) Update the experience status to Archive
Delete a trip Data integrity (payment has been applied to the trip) Remove individual bookings from the trip
Delete a timeslot Data integrity (timeslot has been reserved) Close the undesired timeslot (see Opening & Closing Timeslots‍), or:
  1. Create the desired timeslot (see Booking Availabilities / Timeslots‍)
  2. Reschedule all travelers who booked the undesired timeslot to the desired one (see Reschedule, Unschedule, or Cancel a Trip‍), then 
  3. Delete the undesired timeslot
Delete a message template Data integrity (template has been used) N/A
Delete a gift card template Data integrity (template has been used) N/A
Delete an access group Default setting (global access groups are built into the platform and cannot be deleted) Move user(s) to different access group (see Manage Existing Access Groups‍ and Create a New Access Group‍)

Keep in mind that the above is not a comprehensive list. If a solution is not listed for your particular concern, we encourage you to contact our Support Team directly. 

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