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Do trips have to be paid in full before I will receive a payout?

The short answer: No. You do not have to wait until your customers complete their experience and pay for it in full before receiving payments made toward that trip. For instance, if a customer books a trip today and pays a deposit, but the trip itself won't take place until next month, you will still see that deposit come through your next scheduled payout. TripWorks does not hold the payment until the trip is paid for in full.

The long answer: 

Any payments applied through your TripWorks account (even partial payments) are automatically included in the next scheduled payout as long as they are fully processed. (For further details on these criteria, see Why is my payout amount different from the amount expected?) This same logic applies to all other types of transactions, such as refunds, adjustments, and fees.

In other words, as transactions are processed, the deposit amount for your next scheduled payout is updated to reflect those transactions in real time. When the next scheduled payout date arrives, it is that updated deposit amount that will be sent to your bank account.

Viewing Payouts with Partial Payments

You can review your recent and upcoming payout details at any time by Using the Payout Report‍. When you expand a listed payout to review the individual transactions that comprise it, you will see any and all payments made, even if such a payment only partially covers the full cost of the sale.

For example, in our screenshots below, we can see that on August 29th, an $80 transaction was processed. When we review those payment details by selecting the confirmation number for that sale (WXYZ-1234), we can see that:

  • At the time this payout was created (August 30th), $80 had been paid toward the total amount due for the sale.
  • Because the remaining $160 due for this sale was not paid until September 3rd (in two separate payments of $40 and $120), those payments were not included in this particular payout.
  • Rather, the $40 and $120 charges were included in a later payout, after the charges were fully processed.
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