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Reseller Booking Methods

Discover the various ways in which your experiences can be booked through reseller efforts.

There are various Booking Methods your customers can use to ‍book trips from your Experience Catalog. Among those methods are reservations made through third parties — that is, through your partnered Resellers (OTAs & Private Partners)‍.

Once you Connect with Resellers through your TripWorks account, you have the autonomy to establish which resellers can use which booking methods. The table below outlines these methods and links to the steps needed to ensure each sale is attributed to the appropriate reseller.


Please Note

While it is possible for resellers to book trips through your website (the same way a customer would self-book a trip), the booking methods discussed in this article ensure that the reports and related sales data in your TripWorks account reflect the source from which each sale originated. Using these methods properly means that your data will reveal:

  • Trips that were self-booked by e-commerce shoppers, vs.
  • Trips that were booked by members of your team, vs.
  • Trips that were booked by resellers.

Reseller Booking Methods

Method Details
Book a Trip on Behalf of a Reseller‍  If for any reason a reseller needs your team to input a sale they have made, use this method to ensure the sale is attributed to the reseller.
Reseller Email Address‍  When a reseller manually books a trip on behalf of a customer, the reseller inputs a designated email address (in lieu of the customer's email address) when completing the contact information portion of the booking flow. The email address is linked to their listing within your TripWorks account, ensuring the sale is attributed to the reseller.
Unique Booking Widgets Your team produces unique booking widgets (Book Now buttons, booking links, and/or booking calendars) for each reseller. When a reseller books using a widget uniquely created for them, the sale is automatically attributed to them in your reports and sales history.
Reseller Agent Logins Your team creates unique agent logins for individual members of the reseller's team. When a logged in agent books a trip, the sale is attributed to both the reseller and individual agent (the better to track sales and commission owed).


Next Steps

Once you have established the desired booking method(s) with your partnered resellers, you can easily track which sales were made by members of your team vs. resellers and reseller agents. For more information, visit Tracking Reseller Sales & Commission.‍

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