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What is the difference between Date Created and Activity Date?

Date Created refers to the date the transaction was entered or the activity occurred. Activity Date refers to the date of the tour or experience. Therefore, if you add a payment for a tour that takes place on January 7, you'll see a Date Created of January 1, and an Activity Date of January 7.

This concept applies to nearly every report in the platform; most reports allow you to view the data by the date the data was received, or the sale date for the transaction. Why do we do this?

  • A marketer is usually more concerned about activities that drive volume, especially if there is a long advance booking window. If you spent $50,000 on Pay Per Click marketing activities and it generated cash today for bookings late this year, you’d want to report on Date Created, not Activity Date.
  • A finance-oriented individual tend to prefer to view earned revenue. Movement in and out of deferred revenue is not as important as sales on an earned basis. Therefore, they tend to want reports on Activity Date.

As a result, most reports allow you to choose to view information by Date Created or by Activity Date. You can change how the report is viewed by selecting an option from the dropdown at the top of report and selecting either Date Created or Activity Date.

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