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Booking Availabilities / Timeslots

Establish the dates and times when customers can book a particular experience.

Availabilities or timeslots refer to the specific dates and times that experiences are available for booking. For instance, you may have a boat tour that you offer all day every day in the summer versus a beer tour that you only offer on Friday and Saturday evenings. You may also want to give your customers flex-time booking options — that is, the ability to claim a spot on a specific date, knowing they can select a specific time later on. These options are possible with our Availabilities feature.


Please Note

These instructions illustrate how to set up the booking availabilities for a single experience. If you want to change the status of availabilities across multiple experiences in your catalog, you can save time by using the Bulk Availability Editor‍.

Create Booking Availabilities

  1. Navigate to the desired experience by selecting More > Experience Catalog from the toolbar, then choosing the experience from the list.
  2. Select Dates & Times from the sidebar menu, then choose the Create button.
  3. Set your availability dates by choosing an option from the Day Frequency drop-down. Depending on which option you select, other required fields will appear or disappear to ensure the availability settings function properly. For details and examples, see Day Frequency Settings for Booking Availabilities.Screen_Shot_2022-04-12_at_9.04.54_AM.png
  4. Set your availability times by checking the "specific times" checkbox (fixed-time booking), the Flex-Time checkbox, or both. For details and examples regarding these options, see Fixed vs. Flex-Time Booking Settings.
    1650385239425-Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 11.19.48 AM.png
  5. Make sure the appropriate "Make items visible" checkbox(es) are selected if you want your defined availabilities to be visible to customers shopping online. If you leave these boxes unchecked, your team will still be able to book during these times.

  6. When the page reflects your desired availability settings, select the Create New Availabilities button. The number of availabilities specified on the button will differ based on the settings you've chosen.


Pro Tip: It may take a few moments for your new availabilities to appear, depending on the number of items you are adding. You'll know the task is complete when you see your new availabilities listed under the Dates & Times section of the sidebar menu.

What About Booking Limits?

Whether you set up an experience's availabilities using fixed or flex-time booking, you will have the option of Setting Experience Capacity Limits‍ based on specific criteria, such as the maximum number of ticket types you can host (e.g. adult vs. child travelers), the number of seats available for event transportation, or the amount of resources available for any given timeslot.

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