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Email Confirmation Settings for Reseller Sales

Adjust the email confirmation settings for sales made by your partnered resellers.

While partnering with OTAs & Resellers creates great opportunities to increase your bookings, every partnership is different. In some cases, a partnered reseller may ask that you allow them to send confirmation emails directly to customers who purchase your experiences through them (as opposed to the customer receiving an automated confirmation email from your TripWorks account).

Satisfying this request is as simple as updating the communication settings for the reseller in question within your TripWorks account. There, you will see options to:

  • Disable automated confirmation emails for customers who book through that reseller, and/or
  • Enable automated confirmation emails for the email address of the reseller's choosing.

The first option prevents customers from receiving an automated confirmation email from the TripWorks platform. The second acts as a simple way for resellers to confirm that the reservation was made successfully, and to keep track of which customers they need to contact with their own confirmation messaging.

Update Email Confirmation Settings for Partnered Resellers

  1. Select More > Resellers from the toolbar.
  2. Select the reseller whose email confirmation settings you want to change.

  3. Under Settings, navigate to the Communication tab.

  4. If you have confirmation emails set up as part of your Automated Messaging for Customers‍, but you do not want customers who book through this reseller to receive those confirmation emails, select the Disable Customer Email Confirmations checkbox.

  5. If the reseller in question wants to receive confirmation emails directly, select the Send a CC: of all booking emails to checkbox, then fill in the text field with the reseller's desired email address.

  6. Select Update to confirm your changes.

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