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Refund a Payment

This article will explain how you can refund payments.


There are situations that occur where customers may need to receive a payment refund. For example, 

  • A customer on the trip has cancelled due to unexpected circumstances, such as last minute scheduling or emergencies.  
  • The customer no longer wants any add-ons or products purchased on the original booking. 
  • The customer wants to change their payment method after booking. 

Things to Note 

  • Credit Cards are manually refunded through TripWorks in 5-10 business days. 
  • Refunding a payment for a customer doesn't mean they have canceled their booking. If you need to cancel a trip, see Reschedule, Unschedule, or Cancel a Trip‍.

TripWorks only allows you to manually refund customers. There are no automatic refunds. 

Process A Manual Refund

  1. Navigate to the customer's booking in the Trips View
  2. Select the Payment tab.
  3. Hover over the payment amount 
  4. Select the Backwards Arrow next to the payment.1620669407612-1620669407611.png
  5. Enter the new Refund Amount and the Refund Type in the fields. The method of payment is typically the original payment method the customer used to book their trip. 
  6. Write any Comments/Notes as to why the refund is being issued. 
  7. Select Refund to complete the manual refund.


Note: The manual refund feature is used to process Partial, Cash, Check, or Wire transfer payment methods. 

Send a Refund Confirmation Message

After manually refunding a payment for a customer, it is recommended that you send a customized confirmation message to update your customer on the new refund amount. This ensures that the customer has confirmation of the refund status. 

You can view all your messages for a current trip in messages on a trip overview. This shows you all messages that have been sent, received, and queued to be sent. This helps you keep track of your interactions with your customers at all points of the transaction. 

Manual confirmation messages reflect the custom templates created by the tour operator.

Follow the steps below on how to send a refund message to the customer: 

  1. Select the Email icon in the customer's trip to open up a new message.

  1. Select Refund was Processed in the drop-down menu. Remember this message template will depend on what you have created in your message templates. 
  2. Input any special notes or personalized messages.
  3. Select Send

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