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Adding Notes to the Manifest

Notes provide additional information about your guests and are conveniently displayed on the manifest. You may have a guest who is running late and the captain needs to do a head count before departure.  Adding a note to the manifest next to the status of this guest will inform your captain of their late arrival.

Another option is to add a note to the overall experience which will also display from the calendar view. Perhaps there's a 
guest with special accommodations who will need to pre-board before the other guests. By adding a note to the overall experience, team members will see this note on the manifest under the time slot. In addition, they will see this note from the calendar view under that specific date and time. These notes are internal only and cannot be viewed by your guests.


To add an internal note to a trip that will be displayed on the manifest:

  1. Select the manifest tab and hover over the note column.
  2. Select the pencil icon to enter a note inside the box.
  3. Select save.

To add a note to the overall experience that will display on the manifest and also from the calendar view:

  1.  Select the manifest tab and select Add Note underneath the name and time of the experience.
  2.  Enter your note and select save.

If you would like to add a note to just one specific booking, check out this article.

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