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Why can't I add more tickets to a booking during checkout?

If during checkout you or your customers are seeing a "-[#] Ticket to Book" message, preventing more tickets from being added to the booking, the culprit is most likely your booking restriction settings.

For example, let's say a theater teacher at the local high school is trying to book opera tickets for all 30 of her students at once, plus herself. We have Set Our Experience Capacity Limits‍ in such a way that this should be possible, yet she is seeing a "-6 Ticket to Book" message at checkout, as shown below. This tells us that our experience is linked to a booking restriction that accepts a maximum of 25 tickets at once. (Incidentally, a 25-ticket maximum is the default booking restriction setting.)

To correct this issue:

  1. Make sure you have Set Experience Capacity Limits‍ to the desired settings for the experience.
  2. Confirm the issue is being caused by the booking restriction associated with the experience:
    1. From within the experience, select Restrictions from the sidebar menu.
    2. Take note of which restriction appears in the Choose a Restriction drop-down menu, then follow the Setup Restriction Policies link and select that same restriction from the list.
    3. Confirm that the maximum(s) listed under the "only allow new bookings" fields match the cutoff number you are experiencing during checkout.
  3. Before you making any changes to this restriction, scroll down to the Uses section to review all experiences associated with it.
  4. If the changes you wish to make to this restriction will not negatively impact any other experiences associated with it, simply make your desired changes and choose the Save button. Otherwise, you will need to Create a New Booking Restriction and Assign the Booking Restriction to Your Experience‍.

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