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What does the "ticket types must be the same" checkbox do?

When you are creating a Dynamic Pricing rule based on passenger count, you will notice a ticket types must be the same checkbox. This checkbox is simply the TripWorks platform asking the question, "Should I apply this unique pricing rate any time the designated guest count is met, or only when the guest count is met by travelers of the same ticket type?"

For example, let's say that we offer Adult and Veteran ticket types for our Hiking experience. We have set our Standard Experience Pricing‍ to $40.00 per Adult and $30.00 per Veteran ticket.

To encourage small group bookings, we decide to offer a discounted rate ($30.00 per Adult, $20.00 per Veteran) to groups of 2-3 travelers. And so we create a dynamic pricing rule that says "apply these rates when guest count is between 2 and 3 people".

If we leave the ticket types must be the same checkbox unselected, any combination of 2-3 Adults and Veterans can book this trip and receive the discounted rates. In other words, regardless of whether it's 2 adults and 0 veterans, 0 adults and 3 veterans, 1 adult and 2 veterans, or another combination equalling 2-3 tickets, the customers will receive the discounted rates defined by our dynamic pricing rule.

Special pricing rate is applied because booking group meets criteria of 2-3 people, regardless of ticket type

If we select the ticket types must be the same checkbox, the dynamic pricing only applies when 2-3 of the same ticket type are booked for the trip. For example, if 1 Adult and 2 Veterans book the trip, the Veterans will receive the discounted rate, but the Adult ticket will remain at our default pricing of $40.00.

Special pricing rate is applied for the Veteran tickets only because they meet the 2-3 people "of the same ticket type" criteria

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