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Can I book a trip without logging in to my TripWorks account?

Members of your team can book trips on behalf of your customers without logging in to your TripWorks account. However, doing so will cause your reports to display inaccurate booking data. To see how reporting metrics generate for trips booked by logged in vs. logged out team members, watch the video below.

To learn more about the individual booking methods discussed in the video, visit Booking Methods‍. 


Pro Tip

In addition to displaying accurate booking data within your reports, trips reserved by logged in users will display those same booking details from the Trip View. This feature comes in handy when you are reviewing a trip and want to know who was responsible for that sale and by what means the sale was made. Browse the screenshots below for examples.

Trip View revealing that customer self-booked via e-commerce, without any assistance from our team or a reseller
Trip View revealing that trip was booked by Michelle, a member of our team, via call-in customer
Trip View revealing that trip was booked via a local partnered reseller, Kevin's Ski Lodge

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