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Set Up Your TSP654II AirPrint Receipt Printer

Step-by-step instructions to set up our most highly recommended receipt printer

What You'll Need
Provided by AirPrint:
  • TSP654II AirPrint Receipt Printer
  • Star AirPrint guide sheet
Provided by you:
  • Ethernet cable
  • Internet router (connected to internet)

Set Up Your TSP654II AirPrint Receipt Printer

  1. Plug in the printer.
  2. Connect the printer to your Ethernet network using the ethernet cable.
  3. While holding down the Feed button, switch the printer ON. Release the Feed button once the printer is on.
  4. Allow two pieces of receipt paper to auto print. The second piece of paper will have your IP address listed at the bottom, under "Ethernet Network."

  5. Open a web browser on your device (desktop or iPad) and type in the provided IP address. Your browser will  take you to the Star AirPrint login screen.

  6. Log in with the username and password provided on your Star AirPrint guide sheet. 
  7. Once logged in, select Wireless Connection, then log in to your WiFi.
  8. Choose Save > Execute.
  9. Confirm the printer is properly configured with your network by checking its network connection status. Typically, you can do this by opening System Preferences on your device and searching for "Network." Properly configured devices will show a "Connected" status.Screen_Shot_2022-04-20_at_4.57.23_PM.png
  10. Once the printer is properly configured, disconnect the ethernet cable.
  11. Add the printer to your device.

You're ready to start printing!

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