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Recommended Software & Hardware

Recommended system specifications to use the TripWorks dashboard

TripWorks is primarily a web application and works on all modern browsers.

Click on the topics below to explore our recommendations for getting the most out of your experience with the TripWorks dashboard.

Recommended Devices

Desktop Computers

We recommend Mac OSX or Windows computers. Suggested minimum system requirements are a 64-bit 1.8+ GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, and a display with a resolution of at least 2048 × 1500. On smaller desktop displays, some columns and display elements are not shown by default. 


We recommend Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface tablets.


We suggest smartphones released within the last two years.


Recommended Browsers

Desktop Computers 

We recommend Google Chrome as your browser. It offers better performance and security than other available browsers. If you choose to use another browser, please note the following minimum tested versions:

  • Mozilla Firefox version 52 or later
  • Apple Safari version 10.1 or later
  • Microsoft Edge version 18 or later

Alert: Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported for the Dashboard.

iOS & Android

The TripWorks Dashboard can be downloaded and installed on iOS and Android devices. At the login screen, you'll see a prompt to download and add TripWorks to your device.


Please Note: Not all TripWorks Dashboard features are available on mobile.


You will need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser in order to use TripWorks. Most browsers allow sites to run JavaScript by default, but if you’ve previously disabled it, you’ll need to go into your browser settings and turn it back on.


You will need to have Cookies enabled in your browser in order to use TripWorks. Most browsers allow sites to store and service cookies by default, but if you’ve previously disabled it, you’ll need to go into your browser settings and turn it back on.


Internet Speed

We recommend broadband internet with a download speed of at least 10mbps for an ideal experience. Upload speed is not as critical, and high-speed mobile hotspot connections will deliver a usable experience.


Credit Card Readers

TripWorks is designed to work with the Verifone® P400 or BBPOS WisePOS E card readers. These readers are programmed by TripWorks to connect directly to your platform account, and must be provided by TripWorks.

For optimal performance, card readers should be connected to the same wired Ethernet network as your browser. However, card readers can be connected by Wifi, provided that both the reader and your computer are on the same network.


Alert: If you connect to your TripWorks Dashboard with a mobile hotspot, you will not be able to accept charges through the card reader.

Verifone® P400



Receipt Printers

At a minimum, any printer accessible from your device can be used to print receipts and order confirmations. We recommend the Star Micronics' TSP654II AirPrint receipt printer. Built-in support for AirPrint allows the most seamless printing experience from AirPrint compatible tablets and mobile devices.

When printing from laptop and desktop computers, the Star Micronics TSP100 printer is supported; however, this model does not permit printing from many tablet and mobile devices. Star Micronics receipt printers also integrate with most cash drawers, and are readily available from Amazon and most office supply stores.

Star Micronics' TSP654II Retail Price: $401 USD

Setup instructions: Set Up Your TSP654II AirPrint Receipt Printer‍ 

Cash Drawers

When paired with a Star Micronics receipt printer, your cash drawer can be connected to the receipt printer with the supplied RJ45 cable. When a receipt is printed, the cash drawer unlocks and opens. 

Any generic cash drawer with a RJ45 module plug such as this one or this one are supported. Other supported cash drawer manufacturers include ROVSUN and Tangkula. 

Cash Drawer Retail Price: $65 USD


Waiver Terminals

In some environments, you may wish to have one or more terminals available for guests to sign waivers on arrival. 

At a minimum, an Android tablet (such as a Lenovo Tab M10) with a 10” or larger screen, running a browser will function. However, this solution is not recommended. When using an Android tablet, you will want to enable App Pinning to prevent users from navigating away from the Waiver Portal. 

Our recommended hardware for the Waiver Terminal is an iPad with a 10” or large screen, running Safari. When using an iPad, we recommend running Safari in Guided Access mode to prevent users from navigating away from the Waiver Portal. 

A variety of third party kiosk enclosures are available from 
LilitabBosstabDisplays2Go for both Android and Apple based tablets. 

Lenovo M10 Retail Price: $270 USD 
Apple iPad Air 2 Price: $239 USD

Barcode Readers

TripWorks optionally supports both 1D and 2D barcode readers. 

1D barcode scanners are limited to scanning UPC symbols, usually printed on products sold in a retail area. Any 1D barcode scanner that can be paired with your computer or tablet will function; we recommend barcode scanners with bluetooth keyboard capabilities, such as the Inateck BCST-70. This barcode scanner is generally available from Amazon or any office supply store. 

2D Barcode Scanners can scan both UPC symbols (usually printed on products sold in a retail area) as well as QR codes printed on TripWorks tickets and receipts. Additionally, if you use TripWorks Inventory Management, a 2D barcode scanner with inventory capability is recommended. 

The Tera Model 8100 supports all Bluetooth; 1D scanning; 2D scanning and inventory mode. It is the recommended scanner for new implementations. 

Inateck BCST-70: $65 USD

Tera Modal 8100: $65 USD


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