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Resellers (OTAs & Private Partners)

Learn about the different types of resellers you can connect with through the TripWorks platform.

Within the tour and travel industry, there are two main types of resellers — that is, third parties that partner with your business to sell your experiences and/or products for a fee:

  • Online travel agents (OTAs)
  • Private partners

You can Connect with Resellers‍ (both OTAs and private partners) through your TripWorks account. This makes it easy for your team to track which trips were booked by which resellers, the sales volume brought in by each reseller, and the amount of commission owed to each reseller (and/or individual reseller agents).

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Online travel agencies such as Viator, Expedia, and GetYourGuide partner with tour operators around the world. This gives the everyday consumer an easy way to research tours, cruises, hotels, flights, and other experiences across the globe while giving tour operators the opportunity to reach potential customers they would otherwise miss out on. 

Typically, these resellers wholesale your tours, products, and services, then collect the difference as a sales commission. For a comprehensive list of OTAs accessible through your TripWorks dashboard, visit Supported OTAs.

Private Partners

For many tour operators, it is critical to establish personal relationships with private partners — that is, resellers in your local market. While OTAs offer the benefit of high-volume web traffic, private partners can help you capture customer interest through more personal, localized connections.

For example, your business may be located close to a large resort, or you may have agencies in your market that focus on selling tours and activities. These partners might collect a commission from you in exchange for selling your tours, or you may wish to wholesale your tours to these private partners.

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