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Reseller Booking Methods: Reseller Email Address

Track reseller sales through designated email addresses.

When you partner with resellers, there are a number of Reseller Booking Methods‍ that can be used in order for those partners accept bookings on behalf of your business. This article illustrates how reseller sales can be tracked using a designated email address. For this method to work properly:

  • The reseller in question must have a designated email address for booking trips.
  • The reseller must use the designated email address consistently when booking.
  • The designated email address must be saved in the reseller settings of your TripWorks account.

Review the video and instructions below for details.

Track Reseller Sales Using a Designated Email Address

  1. From the toolbar, select More > Resellers.
  2. Select the reseller whose settings you want to update. (If the desired reseller is not listed, they need to be connected. See Connect with Resellers for ‍guidance.)  
  3. Under Settings, choose the General tab.

  4. Under the Accounting Contact section, input the reseller's designated email address into the Email field.

  5. Choose the Update button to save your changes.


Next Steps

The reseller should instruct their team to follow this protocol each time they book a trip on behalf of a customer:

  1. Navigate to whichever TripWorks Booking Widget‍ ‍they are expected to use when booking a trip. (Most commonly, this is a Book Now button located on your website.)
  2. Insert the designated email address when completing the contact information portion of the booking flow.

It is the latter step that will ensure sales made by their team are attributed to the reseller within your TripWorks account, as shown below.

Reseller inputs designated email address (in lieu of customer's email address)
Sale is attributed to the reseller (as seen from the Trip View)

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