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Connect with Resellers

Add an online travel agency or private partner to your TripWorks account.

Connecting Resellers (OTAs & Private Partners)‍ through your TripWorks account both allows them to accept booking on behalf of your business and makes it easy for your team to Track Reseller Sales & Commission. This article provides guidance on both connecting and defining your ideal settings for your partnered resellers.

Connect OTAs & Private Partners to Your TripWorks Account

Part 1: Create the Reseller

  1. Select More > Resellers from the toolbar.
  2. Choose the Create a Reseller button.
  3. Choose the desired reseller from the menu. If you select the Private Partner option, a text field will appear so that you can type in the private partner's name. If you select a preexisting OTA, the same text field will appear pre-populated.

    Private Partner

    Create a private partner connection
    Edit the resulting text field


    Select an OTA
    Text field pre-populates
  4. Select the Create button.

Part 2: Adjust Reseller Settings

  1. Select the reseller you've just created.

  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. Use the provided sub-tabs (General, Rates, Experiences, Remittance, and Communication) to define your preferred settings for this reseller.

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