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Receiving Payouts

For you to receive funds, TripWorks makes payouts to your bank account.

Payout availability can vary based on the country you’re operating in. In most cases, when you start processing live payments from your customers with TripWorks, you won’t receive your first payout until 7–14 days after receiving your first successful payment. The first payout may take longer for a number of reasons, including your country. Processing subsequent payouts then happens on a daily basis (excluding holiday and weekends).

You can view a list of all of your payouts and the date that you expect to receive them in your bank account by running a Payout Report (Reports -> Payments -> Payouts).

Supported Accounts & Settlement Currencies

In most cases, bank accounts must be located in the country where the settlement currency is the official currency. For example, SEK bank accounts must be based in Sweden. TripWorks also enables you to settle and payout to a domestic bank in select alternative currencies for a fee.

Payout Schedule

Your payout schedule refers to how often TripWorks sends money to your bank account. By default, your payout schedule is set to automatic and daily. Most banks deposit payouts into your bank account as soon as they receive them from us, though some may take a few extra days to make them available. The type of business and the country you’re in can also affect payout timing.

Payout Speed By Country

Australia 2 business days
Austria 3 business days
Belgium 3 business days
Bulgaria 3 business days
Brazil 30 calendar days; 2 business days for Boleto payments only
Canada 3 business days
Cyprus 3 business days
Czech Republic 3 business days
Denmark 3 business days
Estonia 3 business days
Finland 3 business days
France 3 business days
Germany 3 business days
Greece 3 business days
Hong Kong 7 calendar days
Hungary 3 business days
India 5 business days
Ireland 3 business days
Italy 3 business days
Japan Payouts are made once a week (on a day of your choosing) and include payments processed up to 4 business days prior. JCB, Diners Club, and Discover payments are available for payout after 30 calendar days, instead of 4 business days.
Latvia 3 business days
Lithuania 3 business days
Luxembourg 3 business days
Malaysia 7 calendar days
Malta 3 business days
Mexico 7 calendar days
Netherlands 3 business days
New Zealand 4 business days
Norway 3 business days
Poland 3 business days
Portugal 3 calendar days
Romania 3 business days
Singapore 7 calendar days
Slovakia 3 business days
Slovenia 3 business days
Spain 3 business days
Sweden 3 business days
Switzerland 3 business days
United Arab Emirates 5 business days
United Kingdom 3 business days
United States 2 business days

Negative Payouts

Each payout reflects your available account balance at the time it was created. In some cases, you may have a negative account balance. For example, if you receive 100 USD in payments but refund 200 USD of prior payments, your account balance would be -100 USD. If you don’t receive further payments to balance out the negative amount, TripWorks creates a payout that debits your bank account.

Your bank account must support both credit and debit transactions so that TripWorks can perform any required payouts.

Payout Failures

If your bank account can’t receive a payout for any reason, your bank sends the funds back to us. This returns an error with the reason for the failure. It can take up to 5 additional business days for your bank to return the payout and inform us that it failed. If this happens, we will continue to retry the payout. 

To ensure that your bank account details are correct, you need to re-enter them if a payout fails. After you re-enter your bank account details, TripWorks attempts to perform the payout again at the next scheduled payout interval.

Make sure that the bank account information you provide is correct. If it’s not (a typo in the account number, for example), TripWorks can send payouts to another bank account holder. If you’re certain that your banking details are correct, or have contacted your bank to resolve any issues on their end, please contact us.

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