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Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are the most common form of payment method. Credit card payments are common with E-Commerce purchasing, over-the-phone booking, walk-ins, and reseller bookings.  

There are several ways to complete the trip payment for a credit card payment:

  • Full payment: Put the total amount of the trip cost in the Payment Amount to complete the full payment.
  • Partial payment: This allows you to collect a specific amount of the booking total. The rest of the payment can be added later after creating the trip
  • Split payment: Customers can choose how they want to split the payment with other guests on the trip. Use the split calculator to split the payment between 2 or more people. 

Follow the steps below to process a credit card payment:

  1. Enter the card information in the fields.  
  2. Hit Charge to apply the payment amount.


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