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Comp, Uncomp & Reprice Tickets

Learn how to perform repricing actions, including compensating, uncompensating, and repricing tickets for both individual travelers and all travelers booked for the same trip.

In your TripWorks dashboard, you can manually compensate, uncompensate, and reprice tickets at any point in time. Here is a quick breakdown of the distinction between these terms:

Compensate Make a traveler's experience fully complimentary; includes setting the ticket price to $0 and waiving the cost of any products or add-ons included for the traveler

Uncompensate Undo a compensation action, at which point the traveler's ticket information will revert to its previous pricing

Reprice Change the ticket price itself without waiving the cost of any products or add-ons

All of these actions can be completed from the Trip View.

Compensate, Uncompensate & Reprice Tickets

  1. Navigate to the Trip View using any of the following methods:
    1. Select Sales from the toolbar, then choose the sale that needs adjustment, 
    2. Select Manifest from the toolbar, then choose the name or confirmation number of the trip you want to review, or
    3. Use the Search bar to find and select the desired trip.

  2. Expand the instructions below to perform the desired repricing action.

Compensate a Single Ticket

  1. Select the Actions drop-down menu for the traveler you wish to compensate.
  2. Choose Comp this Guest...

  3. A prompt will appear to ensure you want to fully compensate this traveler. If you are sure, select Confirm.

Once you have completed this action, your selected ticket will display a price of $0.00 while any other tickets included on the trip will keep the same prices they held previously.


Uncompensate a Single Ticket

If you compensate a single ticket then realize you need to undo that action, simply select the X within the Comp label of the ticket:

Once you remove the Comp label, the ticket will revert to its previous pricing.


Reprice a Single Ticket

  1. Select the Actions drop-down menu for the ticket you want to reprice.
  2. Choose Change Ticket Price...

  3. Input the new price you want associated with the ticket, then choose Change Price.

The ticket will now appear with your new price while the other tickets included in the same trip will keep their existing prices.


Reprice all Tickets Within One Trip

If there are multiple travelers booked on the same trip and you want to reprice their tickets, you can do so with one action rather than repricing each ticket individually.

  1. Select the Ellipses icon  located above the booking details.
  2. Choose Reprice All Tickets...

  3. In the Reprice Experience dialog box, input the desired price into the text field, then choose Change Price. Once you complete this action, your new pricing will appear on all tickets with the exception of those that have been manually repriced or compensated. See the Pro Tip below for details. 


Pro Tip

If a ticket price did not change alongside the others when you went to perform a bulk repricing action, that indicates that a manual override is in place for that individual ticket. Double-check the ticket in question for:

  • A Comp label. If you see a Comp label, simply uncompensate the ticket by selecting the X within the label.
    1663172364183-Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 11.18.41 AM.png

  • A manual price override. From the ticket's Actions drop-down menu, select Change Ticket Price. If there is an option to Remove Override, simply select that button and the ticket price will update to match the others listed on the trip.

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