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Apply a Payment to a Trip

Learn how to apply payments toward a trip (cash, credit card, or otherwise) after it has been booked.

While it is not uncommon for a customer to pay for an upcoming trip in full at the time of booking, it is also possible for customers to apply payments toward their total amount due before or after their experience. For instance, if you set up your experiences so that only a deposit is required at the time of booking, you would later need to apply payment(s) toward the remaining balance due for that trip.

If a customer simply wants to pay for their portion of the trip, you can save time by Using the Tab Feature‍. If, on the other hand, a customer wants to pay a specific amount toward the total amount due for the trip, you would apply a payment as illustrated in this article.

You can apply payments toward customer purchases using any of the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Wire transfer/EFT payment
  • Gift card
  • Voucher

Applying a Payment

  1. From the Trip View, navigate to the Payments tab.
  2. Select the Payment button.
    Preparing to apply a payment toward a trip for which a $25.00 deposit was previously made
  3. Choose the desired payment method.

  4. In the resulting dialog box, complete the required fields and choose the corresponding confirmation button to ensure the payment is properly processed. Once you do so, the Trip View will update to show the new total amount due, as illustrated in the example below.


Pro Tip

Need help calculating how to split the bill evenly among the travelers in a trip? Try Using the Split Payment Calculator.‍ 

Applied Payment Example

In this example, our trip begins with a total remaining balance of $50.00. One of the travelers on the trip wants to make a $25.00 cash payment to cover the cost of his own ticket. Once we type in the desired amount and select the confirmation button (in this case, the Add $25.00 Payment button), the trip's Total Due field updates to reflect the new remaining balance: $25.00.

Trip View reflecting new total due after two payments (a $25.00 cash deposit and a subsequent $25.00 cash payment) have been applied toward the trip

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