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Invite Users to Your TripWorks Account

Invite team members and professional partners to create unique logins to your TripWorks account.

Inviting users to join your TripWorks account is not limited to team members from your business. You can also use the steps provided in this article to create logins for resellers, individual reseller agents, and other professional partners (accountants, consultants, marketing agents, etc.).

Invite Users to Join Your TripWorks Account

  1. From the toolbar, go to More > Discover More, then choose Team Members.
  2. Select the Invite Team Member button.
  3. In the resulting dialogue box, provide the details of the new user. If you're not sure which option to select from the Access Level drop-down, read more about Access Groups‍.

  4. Select Send Invitation.

The user should check their email for instructions on how to proceed with the login process.


Next Steps

User permissions can be adjusted at any time. Visit Access Groups‍ to learn more.

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