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Booking Methods

Discover the various ways in which customers, members of your team, and partnered resellers can create booking reservations for the experiences in your catalog.

Once your Experience Catalog is up and running through your TripWorks account, there are numerous booking methods customers can use to reserve a trip. They can:

  • Self-book. Customers can book trips themselves using TripWorks Booking Widgets‍. These are the "Book Now"-style prompts (buttons, links, and calendars) found on your website, in your promotional emails, and through your other marketing efforts.
  • Book through resellers. Customers may discover your experiences through your partnered resellers‍, such as Expedia, GetYourGuide, or a local hotel with which you've established a partnership. See Reseller Booking Methods for ‍further details. 
  • Contact your team directly. If a customer calls, walks in, or otherwise contacts your team requesting a reservation, your team can Book a Trip on Behalf of a Customer.

Booking Methods in Reports

As bookings are made using these various methods, your reports will update to reflect both the team member associated with the sale (when applicable) and the booking method used. In the screenshot below, for instance, Rumple Stiltskin, Snow White, and Wonder Woman have each booked a 9:00 AM swimming experience on November 9th.

  • Rumple Stiltskin booked the trip himself through e-commerce. (Since no team members or resellers were involved in the self-booking process, the Booked By cell appears blank.) 
  • Michelle B (a member of our team) booked for Snow White, who called in the request.
  • Kyle G (an agent for one of our partnered resellers) booked on behalf of Wonder Woman.

Booking details as shown in the Sales Detail Report

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