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Third-Party Integrations

Learn about the third-party services compatible with your TripWorks dashboard.

The TripWorks platform is compatible with a variety of third-party services, which were hand-selected to aid you in streamlining your marketing, communications, accounting, and trip management efforts.

Service Purpose
Stripe Connect your bank account to your TripWorks dashboard in order to receive debit card and credit card payments from your customers.
Google Ads
Connect your ads and/or analytics accounts with TripWorks in order to track purchases as conversions through the dashboard.
Google Analytics
Facebook Ads
Calendar Services Access your booking calendar on Gmail, Outlook, or your iPhone.

To access these third-party services from your dashboard, select More > Discover More from the toolbar, then choose the 3rd Party Integrations link. For assistance setting up each integration, please contact our Support Team.

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