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TripWorks Booking Widgets

Review the types of booking widgets you can create in order to promote your Experience Catalog.

Widgets are applications — typically accessed through a link or image (such as a button) — that allow users to take a specific action. Within the TripWorks platform, there are three types of booking widgets you can create to guide potential customers to your Experience Catalog and, ultimately, through the booking process:

  • Book Now buttons
  • Booking links
  • Booking calendars

In the tabs below, you'll find a simple overview of each widget type, as well as links to specific instructions for setting up each one on your website or through your individual marketing efforts.

Book Now Buttons

Book Now buttons are a simple, clear, and eye-catching way to call your website visitors' attention to your Experience Catalog. For further information and instructions on adding a Book Now button to your website, see Create a Book Now Button.‍ 


Booking Links

Booking links are handy widgets for promoting your catalog through your website, advertisements, marketing emails, and more. For more information, visit Create a Booking Link.‍


Booking Calendars

A booking calendar embedded onto your website gives e-commerce shoppers the option to browse experience availability by date. See Create a Booking Calendar for further details, examples, and instructions.‍


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