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Create a New Access Group

Define a new set of permissions, assignable to any and all users associated with your TripWorks account.

Access Groups‍ let you control the permissions assigned to each user within your TripWorks account. While your account comes equipped with five pre-made access groups (Affiliate Agents, Analysts, Managers, Owners, and Reservation Agents), there may be occasions in which you need to define a new set of permissions. For instance, if you hire a marketing consultant or an accountant, or even if you need a separate set of permissions for new hires within your company, you may want to create unique access groups for those specific types of users.

Create a New Access Group

  1. From the toolbar, go to More > Discover More, then choose Access Groups & Permissions.
  2. Select the New Access Group button.
  3. Under the Settings tab, give your access group a fitting name and description.

  4. Under the Group Permissions tab, select all permissions you want to grant members of this access group.

  5. Under the Group Members tab, select all users you want included in this access group.

  6. Choose the Save button.

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