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Access Groups

Access groups let you control which permissions each user has access to within your TripWorks account.

Access groups refer to which users within your TripWorks account have access to which permissions. For example, let's say you have just hired a new bookkeeper. You want this person to have access to the reports and related records within your TripWorks account, but you don't want them to be able to (accidentally) make any changes to your Experience Catalog, products, or other account settings.

And so you create a new, bookkeeping access group, the members of which can view and run reports but cannot complete any other actions. Now, each time the users within that access group log in, they are able to use the tools they need to perform their job duties while the remainder of your data is securely out of their reach.

Create & Manage Access Groups

By default, your TripWorks account comes equipped with five pre-made, global access groups: Affiliate Agents, Analysts, Managers, Owners, and Reservation Agents:

Role Permissions
Affiliate Agent View and create trips, edit trips, apply offer codes
Analyst View manifest, view reports, view trips, view customers in the dashboard
Manager Access to everything excluding managing company profile, managing bank accounts & payouts, payment types, and shipment settings
Owner Access to everything
Reservations Agent View and charge credit cards; apply discounts, gift cards, and vouchers; view and create trips; reserve trips; view and edit customers profiles

Owners and Managers can add or remove users from these existing access groups at any point in time. Once you have created a new access group, you may add or remove any number of team members from that group as well.


Next Steps

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