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Check Your Credit Card Processing Volume

Discover the simplest way to keep eyes on your business's (monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.) card processing volume, using reports.

For business owners, easy access to key business metrics — such as monthly, quarterly, and annual credit card charge volume — is invaluable. While there are many ways you can track this metric, the TripWorks platform strives to make it as simple and convenient as possible.

In this article, we demonstrate a quick, simple method you can use to view your credit card processing volume for a selected date range.

View Your Credit Card Processing Volume

  1. Select Reports from the toolbar.
  2. Navigate to the Finance - By Type Report by selecting Finance from the sidebar menu, then By Type from the report submenu.

  3. Specify the date range for which you want to see your credit card charge volume.

  4. Look to the Credit Card portion of the resulting report. You can expand the section as desired to view individual charges that took place during the chosen date range.

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