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Single-Page Receipts (Mac Desktop)

On your Mac device, update your printer settings so that receipts print on a single page.

Once you have Set Up Your TSP654II AirPrint Receipt Printer, ‍you may opt to update your printer settings so that your receipts print on a single page. This process can only be done from a desktop computer and involves two key components:

  1. Identifying your printer's IP address.
  2. Connecting your device with the CUPS driver.

What Is CUPS?

CUPS is a network printing system that allows Mac users to connect their Mac devices with various printers and print settings. Before you can select the single-page print setting ("TSP650 Cutter") you first need to ensure CUPS is properly configured with your device.

1. Identify Your Printer's IP Address

  1. Power the printer OFF.
  2. Hold down the Feed button while powering the printer back ON.
  3. Once the printer is on, release the feed button. This will cause the printer to print two items:
    1. A page with switch and memory details.
    2. A page with configuration details.
  4. At the bottom of the second page, you will find the printer's IP address under Wireless LAN Network.

2. Connect Your Device with the CUPS Driver

  1. From the Star Micronics CUPS Driver for macOS page, download the CUPS driver. To do this, select the Download button and follow the corresponding prompts to complete the download process.
  2. On your Mac desktop device, navigate to your printer settings by selecting System PreferencesPrinters & Scanners.

  3. In the Printers & Scanners dialogue box, select the add (+) icon.

  4. In the Add Printer dialogue box, select the network icon, then enter the printer’s IP address into the Address field.

  5. From the Protocol drop-down menu, choose HP Jetdirect - Socket.

  6. From the Use drop-down menu, choose Select Software. This will open the Printer Software dialogue box.

  7. In the Printer Software dialogue box:
    1. Search for 650.
    2. Choose TSP650 Cutter.
    3. Select OK. This will bring you back to the Add Printer dialogue box. 

  8. In the Add Printer dialogue box, select Add to confirm your settings. 

Your printer is now configured to print one-page receipts.

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