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Comp a Gift Card

There are times you may want to give a complimentary gift card to one of your guest. You might run a contest on social media and the winner receives a gift card to apply towards a trip. Or maybe you had an unhappy guest. You can offer them a gift card for an opportunity to create a better experience

Follow these steps to comp a gift card.

  1. From the Dashboard, select Sell a Gift Card.
  2. Choose the amount and enter the contact information.

     3. Select the Gift Cards tab located at the top.
     4. Select Edit on the right hand side.
     5. Check the complimentary box.
     6. Select Save.

      7. Select Reserve to finalize this gift card. This will send an automated message to the guest.
      8. To view this message, select the Messages tab located at the top.
      9. To send a manual message, select the Email tab located below the booking number.

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