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Stripe Integration

Integrate Stripe with your TripWorks dashboard to start receiving payouts.

TripWorks uses Stripe as our payment processor. In order to accept payments through your TripWorks dashboard, you will need to set up the Stripe integration prior to launch. If you have any questions about integrating with Stripe, please notify your onboarding manager.


Please Note

If you have an existing Stripe account, the email address associated with your TripWorks account must be different than the email address associated with your Stripe account. If you attempt to use the same email address, this integration will fail.

Integrate Stripe to Your Dashboard

Part 1: Input Bank Information

  1. Select More > Discover More from the toolbar, then choose the 3rd Party Integrations link.
  2. On the Stripe integration option, select Activate, then Connect to Stripe.

  3. You will be guided through a series of pages asking for details regarding your business. Complete the required fields, then choose Continue. (When connecting your bank information, please note that you must connect a checking account. You may connect the account using either your routing and account number or debit card information.)

  4. On the confirmation page, ensure that your account details are accurate, then choose Submit.

Part 2: Verify Account Information with Stripe

  1. Check your email for a confirmation message from Stripe.
  2. Follow the prompts in Stripe's confirmation email to verify your account information.
  3. Confirm with your onboarding manager that your Stripe connection status is Complete.


Please Note

We at TripWorks cannot access the account information you provide to Stripe. However, we can confirm whether your Stripe connection is Complete (indicating that you have fulfilled all setup requirements) or Enabled (indicating that Stripe needs further details or documentation before setup is complete).

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