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Reseller Booking Methods: Book a Trip on Behalf of a Reseller

Discover how members of your team can create bookings that will be attributed to a specific reseller.

When you partner with resellers, there may be occasions in which the reseller asks you to book a trip on their behalf. For instance, maybe Kevin — the owner of a local ski lodge — calls with a question about one of your snowboarding activities. After confirming the information, Kevin says, "Great! I have two customers here ready to book that experience. Could you put that in the system for me?"

Reserving a trip on behalf of a reseller is one of several Reseller Booking Methods you can use to ensure ‍the reseller in question is attributed to the sale within your TripWorks account. This article illustrates how members of your team can use this booking method.

Create a Booking on Behalf of a Reseller

  1. From the toolbar, choose More > Resellers.
  2. Select the reseller to which the booking should be attributed. (If the desired reseller is not listed, they need to be connected. See Connect with Resellers for ‍guidance.)  

  3. Under the Trips tab, choose the Book button.

  4. Complete the booking process as you normally would when you Book a Trip on Behalf of a Customer‍, beginning with Step 2.


Next Steps

As long as your team uses the above steps consistently when booking trips on behalf of a reseller, both the Reseller Report and related sales data within your TripWorks account will reflect the reseller associated with each sale, as well as any commission owed to the reseller. For more details, see Tracking Reseller Sales & Commission.

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