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Using the Split Payment Calculator

A handy tool that calculates totals due for customers who want to split their bill evenly.

After a group activity, customers typically want to settle their bill by paying the total amount due with one single charge, or by splitting the cost of the activity among themselves. When it comes to splitting the cost of a trip, customers can do so in one of two ways:

  • By paying their individual tabs, or
  • By splitting the bill evenly and paying for their fair "share" of the total.

For example, let's say that Fred, George, Ginny, and Ron's tickets cost $10 each. However, Fred's bill includes $60 worth of add-ons. The total amount due for their trip comes to $100 ($40 for the tickets; $60 for Fred's add-ons). Depending on the group's preference, they may ask to:

  • Pay individual tabs. This would come to $70 due for Fred and $10 each for George, Ginny, and Ron. They could pay their tabs individually or cover multiple tabs at once (e.g. If Fred wants to pay for both his and George's tabs, his total due would be $80).
  • Split the bill evenly. In this scenario, a split bill comes to $25 per person. Again, each customer could pay their $25 individually, or they could just as easily cover one another's bills (e.g. If Ron asks to pay for both his bill and Ginny's, he'd be looking at a $50 total).

In this article, we discuss the Split Payment Calculator — a tool that makes it easy for you to split a bill evenly during customer checkout. If you would like to learn more about accepting payment for individual tabs, visit Using the Tab Feature.‍ 

Using the Split Payment Calculator

  1. Complete steps 1-2 of Applying a Payment to a Trip‍. (That is, navigate to the Payments tab from the Trip View, then select the Payment button.)
  2. Select either a Cash or Credit Card payment method.

  3. From the payment dialogue box, select the calculator icon .By default, the Split Payment Calculator populates to show the cost of one "share" of the bill (that is, the trip total divided by the number of travelers on the trip). In the example below, our trip includes 5 travelers, and so the Split Payment Calculator defaults to show what one-fifth of the bill is.
    Split Payment Calculator, accessible through the Cash and Credit Card payment methods 1652384899983-1652384899983.png Split Payment Calculator revealing $13.00 per "share" for a trip with 5 travelers
  4. As needed, update the text fields within the Split Payment Calculator to reflect the portion of the bill the paying customer wants to cover. (For instance, if the customer asks for pay for three-fifths of the bill, you would update the text fields to show the bill split 5 ways, with 3 parts applied.) As you change the values within the text fields, the amount due will update in real time so you can tell the customer their new total.
    Split Payment Calculator revealing $39.00 due to cover 3 of 5 "shares" for this trip
  5. When the customer is ready to complete the transaction, finish Apply a Payment‍ as you normally would, using the agreed-upon value as the tender amount.

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