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Book a Trip on Behalf of a Customer

Add a new reservation through your TripWorks dashboard.

From your TripWorks account, logged in members of your team can book a trip from the Dashboard View, Sales View, Calendar View, or (in some cases) Manifest View. Regardless of which view you use to book the trip, you will be prompted to specify the trip method for that sale (walkup, phone, chat, etc.). This data, along with the name of the logged in team member, will be reflected in your reports.

Trip Method portion of booking flow (visible to logged in users only) 1652384899983-1652384899983.png Sample booking details as seen from the Sales Detail Report

Please Note

Although it is possible to book a trip for a customer without logging in to your TripWorks account, we highly recommend creating the reservation using one of the logged in methods discussed in this article. This ensures accurate booking details within your reporting metrics. For more information, see Can I book a trip without logging in to my TripWorks account?

Book a Trip on Behalf of a Customer

  1. Begin the booking process from the desired view. Expand the items below for further instruction on each option.

    Dashboard View

    1. Access the Dashboard View by logging in to your TripWorks account. If you are already logged in, you can navigate to the Dashboard View by selecting the TripWorks logo from the toolbar.

    2. Choose the Sell a Trip quick link from the sidebar menu.

    3. Select the experience for which you want to book the trip.

    Sales View

    1. Navigate to the Sales View by selecting Sales from the toolbar.
    2. Choose the Book Trip button.

    3. Select the experience for which you want to book the trip.

    Calendar View

    1. Navigate to the Calendar View by selecting Calendar from the toolbar.
    2. Select the name of the experience for which you want to book the trip, on the date you want to book it. A booking menu will appear specifying available times for the experience on that date.

    3. Select the Book button associated with the desired timeslot.

    Manifest View

    You can book trips from the Manifest View if the experience in question already has at least one reservation for the desired date and time. For instance, if you are reviewing the manifest for a tour that begins in one hour, and a new customer walks in asking to join that same tour, you can save time by booking their trip without exiting the Manifest View.

    1. Navigate to the Manifest View by selecting Manifest from the toolbar.
    2. Choose the date for which you want to view the manifest by selecting today's date from the sub-toolbar, then choosing the desired date from the calendar.

    3. Select the Book button associated with the desired experience and timeslot.

  2. Select the desired ticket information, date, and time for the experience. When you select the desired time, you will automatically be taken to the Contact Information screen (the next step in the booking flow).
    Select ticket information
    Select experience date
    Select experience time

  3. Fill out the Contact Information fields with the details provided by the trip's point of contact. This ensures they receive an Order Confirmation Message‍ for the purchase, along with any other messages dictated by your account's Automated Messaging‍ ‍settings. Two important notes about this screen:
    1. Logged in team members may opt to leave the Phone and Email fields blank, though we strongly recommend completing these fields to ensure optimal communication.
    2. Pay attention to the "will be one of the travelers on this booking" checkbox. It should only be selected if the point of contact is actually going on the trip (as opposed to purchasing the trip as a gift for someone else).
      Input contact information of trip's point of contact
      Deselect checkbox if point of contact is not going on the trip
  4. Choose Next Step.
  5. Complete the prompts for additional traveler details, if applicable. Depending on your experience settings, the core booking fields (name, email, phone number) may be required, optional, or hidden, and this step may include Custom Fields‍ and/or Suggested Products. If the core booking fields are set to hidden and your experience does not include custom fields or suggested products, this screen will be automatically skipped in the booking flow.

  6. Choose Next Step.
  7. If your experience settings include Add-Ons‍, you will be prompted to specify whether the customer wants to upgrade their trip. Make the desired selection, then Save & Continue.

  8. Complete the final, additional information prompts. These prompts are visible only to logged in team members and may include Private Custom Fields depending on your experience settings.‍ 

  9. Choose Save & Add Payment.
  10. Select the customer's desired payment method, then follow the resulting prompts to add a payment. If the customer does not pay for the trip in full at the time of booking, you can apply further payments as needed at a later time. For details, see Apply a Payment to a Trip‍.
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