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Experience Photos

Add photos to be displayed for an experience in the booking widget.

When you Add a New Experience to Your Catalog, you must upload a minimum of one hero photo and one gallery photo before you can publish the experience to your booking widget. This article explains how to upload these photos. You can add, remove, or change photos at any point once the experience is live.

Want more details on hero photos vs. gallery photos before getting started? Visit What's the difference between hero photos and gallery photos?

Set Up Photos for an Experience

  1. Navigate to the desired experience by selecting More > Experience Catalog from the toolbar, then choosing the experience from the list.
  2. Select Photos from the sidebar menu.

Add a Hero Photo

  1. Under the Hero Photo tab, choose Add a Hero Photo.
  2. In the resulting dialog box, you can either drag and drop a downloaded image file or select the Browse link to choose a file from your device. Make sure the image in question is clear and meets the minimum dimensional requirements (900 pixels wide, 300 pixels high).
  3. Once you've chosen an image file, your photo will appear within a photo editing application. Make any changes desired here, then select Done.
  4. Confirm your choice by selecting Upload Photo in the original dialog box.
  1. Under the Photo Gallery tab, follow the same steps as you did to upload your hero photo. Pay attention to the different dimensional requirements for gallery photos (minimum of 600 pixels wide, 400 pixels high).
  2. Repeat these steps as many times as needed to upload all desired gallery photos. Only one is required to publish the experience, and you can come back to add more at any time.

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