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Automated Messaging

Send email and/or SMS text messages to customers automatically when trigger actions are performed.

Automated messaging refers to email and/or SMS text messages that you can schedule to send to your customers automatically, based on specific trigger actions. For instance, you may want to automatically send your customers:

  • Booking confirmation messages when they reserve a trip
  • Event reminder messages one day before their scheduled tour or activity
  • Messages following a trip asking them to leave a review for your business

Your Message Template Library comes equipped with a variety of pre-made message templates. You can edit both the content and auto-send settings of each one. You can also create your own message templates from scratch as needed.

Message Template Categories

Many (though not all) types of messages that live within your Message Template Library can be automated. Reference the table below for details on each message category, including any default (auto-send) settings associated with each one. To learn more about a message category, including how to change or disable its default settings, follow the linked article for that item.

Message Category Function Auto-Send Available? Auto-Sends By Default?
Abandon Cart‍  Sends up to 3 messages to e-commerce shoppers who start but do not complete a trip reservation, incentivizing them to return to the booking widget and complete the purchase

Please Note: Default messaging includes a 10% off promo code
Yes Yes
Confirmation‍  Notifies the trip's point of contact that they successfully booked the trip
Yes Yes
Rebooked‍  Notifies travelers that they have successfully rescheduled their trip Yes No
Event Reminder‍  Sends up to 2 messages to travelers who have booked a trip, reminding them that the trip is coming up soon  Yes Yes
Waiver Reminder Reminds travelers that they need to sign a waiver before they can participate in their chosen activity; prompts them to sign electronically in order to save time at event check-in No No
Waiver Signed‍  Notifies travelers that they have successfully submitted an electronically signed waiver Yes No
Event Followup‍  Sends up to 3 messages to the trip's point of contact after the trip is over, requesting that they leave a review for your business Yes Yes
Cancellation Notifies customers that they have successfully canceled their reservation No No
Deposit Request Asks the trip's point of contact to pay the deposit required for their chosen activity No No
Refund Notifies customers that a refund has been issued to them; provides standard refund details, such as the transaction amount, date, and method No No
User Defined Message Templates written by your team that you do not want to assign to any of the other message template categories No No

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